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Rep. Weber – Stand with Israel

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Over the last week, Israel has, once again, been subject to rocket fire and terror attacks from Hamas. The latest numbers from the IDF indicate roughly 3,500 rockets have fired toward Israel to date. Although Israel’s Iron Dome has successfully intercepted approximately 90 percent of the rockets, it is not completely impervious, regrettably. Approximately ten Israelis have been killed in rocket and missile attacks, two people have died in civil unrest, and over 500 have been injured. For the Palestinians, the death toll continues to rise, with over 212 Palestinians confirmed dead. 

For the last four years, relations between Israel and Palestinians had been relatively calm. However, the recent Hamas attacks on Israel can be linked directly to the Biden’s rollback of the Trump Administration’s Middle East policies. 

What could have possibly changed that much in a mere four months? I will tell you what it isn’t. This recent attack has nothing to do with the evictions of four houses in East Jerusalem. 

On April 7th, President Biden announced the restoration of hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to Palestinian terrorist organizations.
This includes:
$75 million in economic and development assistance in the West Bank and Gaza; 
$10 million for “peacebuilding” programs through the U.S. Agency for International Development (U.S.A.I.D); 
and $150 million in humanitarian assistance for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA).
Additionally, back in February, President Biden removed the Iran-backed Houthi rebels in rebels in Yemen’s terrorist designation. 

These moves only serve to encourage Hamas. And we all know, Hamas is a terrorist organization with a charter similar to ISIS.  Both terrorist organizations view jihad and suicide attacks as their “go-to” methods.  Both terrorist organizations persecute and oppress non-Muslim minorities. Both organizations execute people who are suspected of supporting their opponents. Both terrorist organizations share a global expansionist worldview that aspires to establish a caliphate: a Muslim regime ruled by Sharia (religious Muslim laws). Both organizations are extensions of global movements of radical Islam: Hamas is an extension of the Muslim Brotherhood while ISIS is an offshoot of al-Qaeda.

When Hamas, who behaves similarly to the Houthis, sees the U.S. remove the Houthis’ terrorist designation (with no requirements for behavior change) and sees Biden’s reversal of mass funding cuts to Palestinian’s, they hear the message, loud and clear – Biden doesn’t have Israel’s back.  

Remember, one side being Israel, is a U.S. ally and a democracy, and the other being Hamas, is designated by the U.S. as a terrorist organization.

Biden’s “both sides” and “de-escalation” language only fuels Hamas’ violence.  

Did anyone, call for de-escalation during the U.S.’s response to Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan after the September 11th attacks? Of course not. 

And by funding organizations such as UNRWA, which has been plagued for years by reports of funding terrorism and of pushing anti-Semitic content in textbooks, Biden only emboldens Hamas and puts both Palestinian’s and Israelis in danger.  

Hamas has a history of, and is currently, hiding and firing rockets from civilian UNRWA camps in Gaza and it is well known Hamas’ headquarters has been located under a hospital for years. They use civilians as human shields. This is so when civilians are harmed the world can direct its anger toward Israel.

If the Biden Administration cares about “the reported loss of life in Gaza and Israel, including the deaths of children as well as many innocent civilians injured,” then their policy positions should reflect that.  

Biden’s policies actually perpetuate the poor, stateless, and oppressed condition Palestinians find themselves in. All attacks on Israel must be prevented and the Palestinians need to be free from Hamas’s death grip. Hamas doesn’t want peace and they don’t care about their people. The only goal is the destruction of Israel.  

We must NEVER forget that, regardless of which party controls the White House, Israel is our greatest ally in the region. America’s policies should honor that relationship, not embolden Israel’s mortal enemies.  

To prevent more Israeli and Palestinian deaths Biden needs to wake up, stop reversing successful policy strictly on the basis of “hatred for anything Trump”, and restore the successful Middle East policy of the last four years. 

I am proud to support and defend the State of Israel.

I will continue to fight for policies that dismantle – not incentivize  – terrorist organizations and for policies that lead to peace only for Israelis and Palestinians alike.

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