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Mass Psychosis “Fact Checked,” Djokovic Released, & “Patriarchy” Wins – Will & Amala LIVE

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0:00 – Will Is Not Hypnotizing You
1:30 – What Is Mass Formation Psychosis?
7:20 – AP & Reuters Fact-Check …Themselves?
13:21 – Novak Djokovic Wins Court Battle
19:55 – CDC Director: 75% of C-vid Deaths Had 4 Comorbidities
27:12 – Trans Women Are Beating Women at Everything
36:21 – Does Beethoven Require More Intellect Than Trap Music??
42:25 – Dear Will & Amala – Answering Your Questions!

Today, Will & Amala talk about the mainstream media’s fact checks on Mass Formation Psychosis, Djokovic and his situation with Australia, trans women winning competitions, and answer your questions on today’s Dear Will & Amala.

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Dr. Robert Malone Describes Mass Formation Psychosis on JRE (~1:30)

AP & Reuters “Fact Check” Mass Formation Psychosis

Teacher charged after putting teen in trunk after fears he had Covid

Teacher Charged After Putting Her Child In Trunk Over Fear He Had COVID

Novak Djokovic Released And Permitted To Play Australian Open

Djokovic Released (Daily Wire)

Bad opinion about Djokovic about his vax status

CDC Director Admits 75% Of Covid Deaths Had At Least 4 Comorbidities

Transgender swimmer beats women
Trans man wins best actress at Golden Globes
Highest Earning Woman On Jeopardy Is Trans

Golden Globes Boycotted by Celebs & Networks over “Lack of Diversity”

DISCUSSION: Does Bethoven Require More Intellect Than Trap Music??

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