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How Worried Should You Be About China? Will & Amala LIVE w/ Natalie Winters

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0:00 – Natalie Joins Will on Today’s Show
6:45 – Should the U.S. Compete in the Beijing Olympics?
14:16 – What Are China’s Intentions?
18:28 – How China Subverts U.S. Journalism and MSM?
25:50 – How China Has Infiltrated the USA Through TikTok and Tech
36:20 – China’s Influence Within the U.S. Lobbying System
46:40 – How to Escape Chinese Influence and Control

On today’s show, Will does a deep dive into China with National Pulse reporter Natalie Winters, addressing several questions including:

-How much control does China really have over the swamp and the media?
-How has China infiltrated the USA through TikTok and other technologies?
-Should America pull out of the Beijing olympics?
-What sort of human rights violations are happening in China today?

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