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Discussing Woke Hollywood, School Indoctrination, & Marriage w/ Kirk Cameron – Will & Amala LIVE

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0:00 – Why Is Will Late?
1:30 – Why Kirk Cameron is on Today’s Show
5:40 – How Kirk Survived Child Stardom
13:35 – How to Deal w/ Life’s Difficulties?
18:50 – Don’t Wait to Speak Out Until It’s Too Late
25:10 – Public Schools or Indoctrination Centers?
31:42 – What the Founders Knew That We’ve Forgotten
36:00 – The Value & Importance of Marriage
43:18 – Kirk Joins TikTok Tuesday!

Kirk Cameron joins Will & Amala on today’s show to discuss his new Stories of Us episode and react to stories including celebrities boycotting the Golden Globes over a “lack of diversity,” a California school district training teachers not to call schoolchildren “boys and girls,” and react to some TikToks for TikTok Tuesday!

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Kirk Cameron: Stories of Us

Golden Globes Boycotted by Celebs & Networks over HFPA’s “Lack of Diversity”

Kirk Cameron Protests Stay-At-Home Order In Dec. 2020

Kirk Cameron Hosts New Maskless Christmas Caroling Event To Protest Stay-At-Home Order

800k Non Citizens Legally Allowed to Vote in NYC

New PragerU.com Homepage + App

TikTok Tuesday

Hope Rachel Has a Good Lawyer

Left’s Tactics since 1943

Evolution of Feminism

Non-Binary High School Teacher

“Non-Binary” Teacher Confusing Pre-School Children

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