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Dave Ramsey on Becoming a Millionaire & Fighting Censorship w/ Barak Lurie – Will & Amala LIVE

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0:00 – Chris Rufo Fact Checks the Fact Checkers
8:24 – Dave Ramsey Joins the Show!
30:05 – Barak Lurie Interview

Dave Ramsey joins today’s show to discuss his new book “Baby Steps Millionaires,” Will reacts to Chris Rufo’s fact check of the fact checkers on parents who spoke out about Critical Race Theory being investigated by the DOJ as “domestic terrorists,” and Barak Lurie joins to discuss his involvement in helping PragerU fight against Big Tech and his new book “Atheism Destroys.”

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Chris Rufo Fact Checks the Media’s Fact-Checks on Parents as Domestic Terrorists

Check Out Dave Ramsey’s New Book “Baby Steps Millionaires”

Get Barak Lurie’s New Book “Athiesm Destroys”

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