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Hartzler: FTC Must Investigate GoFundMe for Conservative Discrimination

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler (R-Mo.) urged the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) today to investigate GoFundMe’s decision to freeze millions of dollars in donations and remove the “Freedom Convoy 2022 Fundraiser” from its platform.

“How can GoFundMe support raising millions of dollars for those responsible for burning American cities during BLM protests yet cancel funds for truck drivers simply honking their horns for freedom? Only one conclusion can be drawn: GoFundMe is blatantly discriminating against conservatives.

The FTC must promptly investigate the crowdfunding platform’s practices and get to the bottom of this glaring attempt by an ultra-liberal arm of Big Tech to silence a freedom movement.”

The Freedom Convoy is a coalition of truckers in Canada standing for freedom and individual choice by protesting Canada’s COVID-19 vaccine mandates. When the fundraiser was pulled from GoFundMe, it had already accumulated nearly $10 million intended to support truckers protesting vaccine mandates in Ottawa.

In 2020, various Black Lives Matter (BLM) and ANTIFA fundraisers remained on GoFundMe despite perpetrated violence and destruction which resulted in the death of one federal officer and injuries to over 700 federal and local officers.

Hartzler’s letter contained nine questions for the FTC to answer regarding previous fundraisers by BLM and ANTIFA on their platform, pressure from governments to terminate fundraisers, and what actions the FTC will take to ensure all donations to the Freedom Convoy are returned to the respective donors.

Read the full letter to the FTC here.

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