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Hartzler: Biden and Congress Must Support America’s Energy Independence

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler (R-Mo.), a member of the House Energy Action Team, has assembled a comprehensive assortment of legislative priorities needed to support American energy independence and combat the Biden administration’s weak strategy in the face of Russian aggression. These pieces of legislation support domestic energy production while counteracting Russia’s influence in the energy sector both here at home and abroad.

“Supporting America’s energy independence must be a top priority for President Biden and Congress. The Democrats’ disastrous Green New Deal rhetoric and foreign policy agenda has been exploited by our top adversaries on the energy front – as seen currently in Russia,” Hartzler said. “Russia has America over a barrel — literally. President Biden’s failed energy policies caused us to purchase 595,000 barrels of Russian oil per day. This vulnerability needs to be addressed by producing energy here at home and becoming energy independent again. Republicans must push back on this lapse in leadership and promote a return to President Trump’s American energy independence for the benefit of families nationwide.”

The following priorities are supported by Hartzler and outlined as critical steps Congress must take to address our current energy crisis:

  • American Energy Independence from Russia ActThis legislation would require the president to produce for Congress an energy security plan that will evaluate our exports and imports and implement changes in policy to offset any amount of crude oil, natural gas or petroleum products imported to the US from Russia. It will also reinstate production and construction of the Keystone Pipeline, unleash LNG exports, increase oil and gas production, and require leasing and permitting of energy on Federal lands.

  • Letter to President Biden on Unleashing American EnergyThis letter calls on President Biden to reverse his harmful energy policies and institute an energy plan that sends an unmistakable signal to the world.

  • Midland Over Moscow ActThis legislation would require the administration to develop a strategy to strengthen energy independence, reimpose Nord Stream II sanctions, and expedite approval of liquified natural gas export permit applications.

  • Energy Security Cooperation with Allied Partners in Europe ActThis legislation would advance American energy exports to the European Union and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) allies, reducing their reliance on Russian energy. Additionally, it mandates sanctions on Russian pipelines, including Nord Stream II.

  • A resolution outlining that the Russian invasion of Ukraine will further expose global energy security and urging President Biden to take immediate action to provide United States allies with an affordable and secure supply of energy.

  • Joint Resolution Calling for the Removal of Russia from the UN Security Council: Given this week’s unprovoked Russian invasion of Ukraine, this resolution urges the Biden Administration to take all the steps necessary to remove Russia’s Permanent Seat on the UN Security Council. This would take away Putin’s veto power and allow the UN to implement measures against Russia’s invasion into Ukraine.

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